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Compassion Services Coming Soon!

- By J. Landry

After working with homeless addicts for 9 years, we knew they needed more services. So, we began the task of creating a safe place, treatment opportunities, respite area, services for women, and economical development. This is called Compassion Service Center.

APS, donated a 28x64 modular with the help of our City Councilmen, Pat Davis. Our County Commissioner, Maggie Hart Stebbins, came up with $20,000 to help us put utilities in our church parking lot and move the modular. This center, will bring much hope and options to our homeless population in South East Albuquerque. We have always desired to do as much as we can for people, in a loving, and caring way. Sometimes, we sit back and think about how we can do more for our people. Our hearts go out to them, and sometimes, it's very sad seeing how they live. We want to change that!! We have billion dollar hearts with ZERO budget. But big things are happening.

Our long-term goals, are to help the people that feel so defeated, to thrive and move forward. To help them make better decisions with their lives, and to restore faith in humanity and in themselves. We want to give the people the necessary training and skills to pursue careers and help them get out of poverty. 

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