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Our Board and Team

Meet the People Behind the Work

Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping those in need in the International District of Albuquerque. Get to know the people who make Compassion Services Center ABQ what it is. Our team is an unbelievable source of information and we are ready to share our events, activities, and the ways for you to get involved.

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Pastor Joanne Landry

Pastor Joanne (Middle) is the lead pastor of Interfaith Bible Center and director of Compassion Services ABQ.  Her team and family have been ministering to their neighbors in the East Central area of ABQ for over 20 years.

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Our long-term goals, are to help the people that feel so defeated, to thrive and move forward. To help them make better decisions with their lives, and to restore faith in humanity and in themselves. We want to give the people the necessary training and skills to pursue careers and help them get out of poverty.  
- Jerry Landry


Meet the team!!!!! Roy, is a member of our community and a worker for the Compassion Services Center. Roy has been coming to Interfaith Bible Center for many years, and he has experienced a lot of what is going on in our community. He is excited to help the people that come to us for services.

Meet the Team: Video

Acts of Kindness

Boy Scouts of America hooked us up!

Meet the Team: Welcome

Acts of Kindness

Buying a set of bunk beds for our Compassion Center.

Meet the Team: About

Acts of Kindness

Rev. Jesse donating funds for more bunk beds!

Meet the Team: About
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